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New or continuing Co-op student? This page has all the requirements, procedures, information and links you need.

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What happens now?

I'm a new Co-op student. What happens next?


Apply and admitted to the program 

Fall / Winter

Take pre-employment training workshops

Get your resume/cover letter reviewed and approved

Winter / Summer

Seek and apply for jobs, complete any required courses

Summer / Fall (May-Aug. / Sept.-Dec.)

Start first possible placement

Requirements and procedures

All the details you need to be successful in Arts Co-op

  • We will add you to the Faculty of Arts Orientation and Pre-Work Preparation Course in D2L
  • Check the D2L course for materials and resources to assist you
  • Take scheduled Elevate Co-op workshops or view modules in D2L
  • Have your Co-op coordinator review and approve your first resume and cover letter before you apply for any jobs
  • Check the Faculty of Arts Co-op portal in Elevate for the Arts-specific job board, event calendar and coordinator appointment bookings
  • Read bi-weekly newsletter for external jobs and updates
  1. Check workshops and resources

    • Attend the scheduled pre-employment workshops
    • Review the resources in D2L
      • Orientation
      • Resumes & Cover Letters
      • Job Search & Networking
      • Interviews & Interview Practice
  2. Work hard and know the guidelines

    Co-op positions are competitive and not guaranteed. The process requires dedication and commitment

    Your Co-op position should be 12-16 weeks, full-time, and related to your career goals and/or degree. Advisors are here to help, but some students have found their own positions


  3. Get resume help

    Your coordinator will help make sure your resume and cover letter are correctly formatted and targeted to highlight your skills and fit for the position

  4. Discuss your job search progress

    Check in with your coordinator to discuss and refine

  5. Prepare for interview

    • Review the Interview Module in D2L
    • Meet your coordinator for a mock interview
  1. Notify

    Notify your coordinator once you have accepted a position and provide a copy of the offer letter

    Book an appointment with your coordinator for a Transition to Work session

  2. Create

     Create your Work Term Record in Elevate

  3. Review

    • Review the Work Term Requirements and Workplace Excellence Modules in D2L
    • Follow up with your coordinator if you have any questions 
  4. Pay the fee

    • We will register you into the 511.# Co-op course (and you will be assessed the Co-op course registration and fee)
    • We will add you to the Faculty of Arts Co-op 511 - Placement in Arts course in D2L
  1. While on a work term

    • By third week of placement submit Learning Goals to D2L
    • Book a site visit with your supervisor and coordinator through Elevate
    • Learn as much as possible, be professional, and grow your network of contacts
    • Complete site visit with your coordinator to discuss the progress of your work term
    • Thank co-workers and supervisors for experience at the end of your work term
  2. End-of-term requirements

    • Submit all requirements to D2L
    • Reflective Analysis Report (2000-2500 words)
    • Updated resume
    • Program Evaluation – online form 
    • Graphic slide to represent your term
    • Attend Integrative Session – held in the evening after each work term
  3. Credit

    • To receive credit for the Co-op course, you must complete/submit your:
      • Learning goals
      • Site visits
      • Reflective report
      • Program evaluation
      • Receive a minimum of satisfactory on employer assessment
      • Integrative Session attendance
  4. Degree requirements

    Remember that Co-op work terms are added to your academic requirements. They do not lessen the number of courses required to complete your degree

  5. Withdrawals

    • You can withdraw from Co-op before or between work terms without penalty.
    • Contact your Co-op coordinator if you wish to withdraw from the program
  • One $50, non-refundable administration fee once you're accepted into the program
  • One academic half course fee per work term placement. Check university calendar for current fee schedule.
  • While on a work term, you will remain full-time student status
  • Choose to complete the fourth optional work term? We will register you into 511.04.

Arts Co-op Mentorship Program

The Arts Co-op Mentorship Program connects new Co-op students to senior Co-op students or Co-op alumni to support them through the Co-op process by sharing insights, expertise and attend networking events together. 

Time Commitment

The program runs every year from January to December with a kick-off event at the start of each year. You must have an assigned mentorship partnership to attend. A partnership agreement will outline the goals and details of the relationship. 


Co-op students who have completed at least two work terms and have the recommendation of their Co-op coordinator. Recent graduates from the Co-op program are also qualified to be mentors in the Co-op Mentorship program. The mentorship program is a great way for those who have benefitted from the Co-op program to give back and maintain ties with the campus community. 


Students who have recently joined the Co-op program or Co-op students who have yet to secure their first work term are encouraged to join the Co-op Mentorship program as a mentee. Mentees are paired with a senior mentor who has practical experience in line with the mentee’s career goals and interests. 

Work abroad opportunities

International Co-op work terms are possible and may be back-to-back for four, eight or twelve months. You should allow 6-9 months to research and develop these types of opportunities. Be sure to discuss with your co-op coordinator.

University of Calgary International office (UCI)

The UCI office provides links and support for international work and study abroad. Some of these opportunities may be considered as co-op work terms. Visit their webpage to learn more.

The Washington Center

Substantial funding for Washington Center internships is available to Alberta residents.

Learn more

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Internships in Costa Rica

This internship may be considered for Co-op. Consult with your co-ordinator.

Learn more

Alberta-Saxony Internship Program

Complete a research or industry placement in a wide variety of areas including health, energy, environment, education, and economic development.

Learn more

Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program

The world's largest consortium of museums located in Washington, D.C.

Learn more


The world’s largest student-run non-profit organization that develops youth leaderships.

Learn more


Career and employment resources to help job seekers find opportunities at home and abroad.

Learn more

International Experience Canada

This program has agreements with over 30 countries and foreign territories.

Learn more

Information for international students

If you are an international student considering the Co-op program or have already been accepted into the program, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Work permits

International students in the Co-op program must apply for a Co-op work permit. The permit is free, but the application process can be lengthy, so apply as soon as possible! Be sure to attend a UCalgary International info session for further details.

Apply for a work permit

International student fees

International students pay a differential fee along with regular tuition and general fees while on work terms. Be sure to pay it by the deadline, or your registration and admission will be cancelled. Change to your immigration status? Provide proof of your new status to the Office of the Registrar by the payment deadline.

View tuition rates for Co-op work terms

In Canada on a work permit?

Note: Applicants who are in Canada on a Work Permit or dependents of persons on a Work Permit are required to pay these additional international student fees (unless the dependents are Canadians or Landed Immigrants).

More resources for international students

UCalgary International

The University of Calgary International (UCI) office offers information sessions and resources to help set up students for success when they are seeking opportunities internationally

Visit UCalgary International

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) provides support services and customized advising for all international students adjusting to studying at the University of Calgary and to life in Canada.

Visit International Student Services

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