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Arts Co-operative Education Program

Work, earn and learn with Arts Co-op. Gain paid work experience during your studies!


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Gain career-related work experience before you graduate! You'll get practical experience and develop a professional network while gaining a better understanding of careers in your field. The Co-op advising team is here to help you search for a job, create a strong resume and put your best foot forward when interviewing. 

Year one

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Year three and four

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Year five

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How does it work?

  • Complete three (12-16 week) work terms to get your co-op designation. A fourth term is optional.
  • Work terms are full-time, paid, relevant positions that provide supervision and feedback.
  • Placements are not guaranteed but Co-op coordinators are here to help you throughout the process! We also have a mentorship program that matches you with senior or alumni co-op students.
  • While on a work term, you will be registered into a Co-op course. You are assessed one course fee and have full-time student status with the university
  • Co-op work terms are in addition to your academic requirements. They do not lessen the number of courses required to complete your degree.
  • Work terms can alternate or be consecutive.

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Are you an employer looking to hire Co-op students?

Check out our employer brochure for valuable information about the skills our students bring to the table and the timelines and guidelines to consider. If you have any questions, our Co-op advising team is here to help. Contact us at artscoop@ucalgary.ca

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Co-op students normally begin their work terms during the third year of studies, alternating periods of work and study and ending on an academic semester. A typical Co-op student might experience a work term sequence that looks something like this:

First year/term

Fall: Academic

Winter: Academic

Spring/Summer: Vacation

Second year/term

Fall: Academic

Winter: Academic


Third year/term

Fall: First work term

Winter: Academic

Spring/Summer: Second work term

Fourth year/term

Fall: Academic

Winter: Study abroad

Spring/Summer: Vacation

Fifth year/term

Fall: Third work term

Winter: Academic

Spring/Summer: Graduate