Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs, Faculty of Arts

Jason Wiens, PhD

The associate dean, undergraduate programs and student affairs oversees the undergraduate programs in the arts and provides leadership in the areas of curriculum review, student recruitment and advising, and enrollment management at the faculty and university levels.

This position is housed in the Arts Students’ Centre, where the associate dean has an office and administrative support. 

He serves as the academic director of the Arts Students' Centre.

  • Provides ongoing academic support for undergraduate students
  • Builds effective relationships, promotes and serves as a passionate advocate for the arts faculty
  • Collaborates with the associate dean, teaching, learning, and student engagement, to review curriculum reviews
  • Manages student supports
  • Oversees academic rulings
  • Oversees effective, fair, and timely evaluation of academic misconduct cases

Committee service

The associate dean, undergraduate programs and student affairs chairs or sits on the following committees:

Faculty of Arts strategies and plans

Strategic Plan 2024-29

Explore strategic plan

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Arts

Explore EDI

Research in Arts

Explore Arts research