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Academic advising

Course selections should be appropriate to your degree program requirements. As an Arts student, at least half of your courses each year should be in the Faculty of Arts.

Course planning and academic advising

You can speak to an academic advisor about course planning, course selection, registration, program progression and more.

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Program requirements

The University of Calgary academic calendar is the school's definitive source of information for current students.

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Academic Requirements Tool

You'll need to enroll in the courses that fulfill your degree requirements. The AR tool will help you visualize and plan.

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Need to change your program?

Are you an undecided student first declaring your degree program? Learn more about exploratory advising.

Or do you want to change any component of your program?

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Course planning

Registration help

Plan your schedule - see How to Register »

Change your registration - see How to Use your Student Centre »

Thinking about dropping or withdrawing from a course?

Please be aware of deadlines and remember to get advice from a program advisor first! They'll help you make the best decision. Contact us »

Decided to withdraw? Learn what it means to your academic record »

Need to defer course work?

Find and fill out the form

Need to defer a final exam?

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Do you want to take courses at another institution? Learn how

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Internationalize your degree

There are many ways you can include international experience within your program. Find out how you can discover the world as part of your Arts education.

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Embedded certificates

Enrich your degree with an embedded certificate

"Logging at Blairmore, Alberta.", [ca. 1900-1905] (CU1229519) by Photographer Unknown. Courtesy of Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Collections, University of Calgary

Certificate in Canadian Studies

Ever wonder why Canada gets named one of the best places in the world to live? Build a better understanding of the country. Learn and share with the world the elements that make Canada unique and special.

Canadian Studies certificate

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Certificate in Creative Writing

If you complete 18 units from the Field of Creative Writing, you are eligible to earn an Embedded Certificate. 

Creative Writing certificate

 Volga river from Landsat satellite. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Adobe Stock image.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Start Something New in Geographic Information Science (GIS). Use technology to solve a wide range of real-world issues and learn from international leaders.

Geographic Information Science certificate

Aerial view of Christ the Redeemer statue and Rio de Janeiro city.

Certificate in Latin American Studies

Start something extraordinary with the interdisciplinary study of Latin America. Develop a nuanced understanding of Latin American countries, cultures, politics, and societies.

Latin American Studies certificate

Stacked rocks against a pink sky

Certificate in Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

Become a mental health champion, build positive skills and resilience and help us create a community of caring, all while earning your degree.

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience certificate

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Certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship

Develop values, habits, and practices that foster responsible global citizenship.

Pluralism and Global Citizenship certificate

Students walk past the LEED-certified Mackimmie Tower. A crane is visible in background.

Certificate in Sustainability Studies

Develop your skills and explore your interests as a sustainability leader.

Sustainability Studies Certificate

A stock image of a person's hand writing in Chinese on a blackboard

Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Are you passionate about the Chinese language? Interested in pursuing language teaching as a career pathway? Want a competitive edge after you graduate?

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language certificate

Annual Academic Review

Every year, at the end of the winter semester, the academic performance of students registered in the Faculty will be reviewed if they have completed at least 18 units at the University of Calgary since their previous review. Students who have completed less than 18 units since the previous review will retain their existing standing until the subsequent review.

1. GPA 2.00 or higher

To be in good standing, students much achieve a GPA of 2.00 or higher on all courses taken since their last review.

2. Probation

Those previously in good standing whose GPA in the review year is less than 2.00, but above 1.70, will be placed on probation.

3. Clearing probation

Those already on probation who clear 2.00 at the annual review also clear their probation.

4. Withdraw from Faculty

Those already on probation who fail to clear 2.00 at the annual review will normally be required to withdraw from the Faculty.

All students whose GPA in the annual review is below 1.70 will normally be required to withdraw from the Faculty, regardless of their previous standing.

5. Academic Turnaround Program

The Academic Turnaround Program (ATP) provides students facing their first Required to Withdraw ruling the opportunity to continue their studies. Eligible students will receive a written invitation to participate from the Associate Dean or designate. This letter will specify a deadline by which the student must initiate participation in ATP or the student will be required to withdraw. Students approved for ATP may continue their studies on probation provided that they fulfill all requirements and are compliant with all conditions of the program.  

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What is academic integrity?

Integrity means adhering to your values in all circumstances. When we talk about academic integrity, we mean that the values and ideas that inform our decisions in other parts of our lives, such as honesty and respect for others and ourselves, also inform our academic work and our life at the university. Strive to be as honest in your academic work as you are with your family and friends, your colleagues and co-workers.

Forms that academic dishonesty can take are cheating on exams, plagiarizing assignments (either in whole or in part), or lying in order to obtain an advantage in your course work.  The University of Calgary Academic Misconduct Policy lists various forms of academic dishonesty along with their definitions

Because of the importance of academic integrity, severe penalties are imposed for intellectual dishonesty that range from a failing grade on an assignment or in a course to disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion from the University. The range of penalties for academic misconduct is set out in the University of Calgary’s Academic Misconduct Policy

As a student, it is your responsibility to ensure that all submissions of your work meet the standards of intellectual honesty. Attend a seminar at the Student Success Centre to learn how to cite sources or how to conduct yourself in collaborative projects. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your assignments and consult your instructor if you have any questions or concerns PRIOR to submitting your work.

Maintain your integrity. Be honest. Learn well.

Preparing to graduate

Satisfy requirements

Confirm with an Arts Students' Centre program advisor that you are in fact clear to graduate. This should be done after you have registered in your final courses.

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Have you taken courses at another institution?

Ensure that all transcripts for Letter of Permission courses are received by the admissions office. This will need to be done as soon as you have completed your transfer course if you wish to use the course for program requirements.

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Apply for graduation

This most crucial step is completed through your Student Centre and needs to be done prior to the stated deadline. Deadlines can be found:

Enrolment Services Graduation and Convocation site

Get help from the Arts Students' Centre (ASC)

Ask us about degree programs, graduation and more.

Office information:
Office location: Social Sciences 102
618 Campus Place NW
Phone number: 403.220.3580 

Interested in grad studies? Talk to a graduate program advisor through the Arts Graduate Students' Centre.

***In order to comply with University of Calgary policy, all correspondence must be sent via your account

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Program advising

The arts advisors are currently available through a combination of phones and in-person drop-ins, as well as email. 


Virtual: 9am to 12pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

In-Person: 9am to 12pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Book an appointment with an advisor through Elevate.

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Phone Advising - 403.220.3580: 1pm to 4pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm: Friday

In-Person: 1pm to 4pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Please note we are virtual on Thursdays & Fridays.

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General advising

For general questions, you have the option of emailing or dropping into our virtual front desk.

Virtual Front Desk Hours:

  • 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 1pm to 4pm: Thursday

An ASC staff member will be available to answer your question via the chat function or by video.

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