Recent PhD Theses

Recent PhD Theses

Here you will find the working dissertation titles of our doctoral candidates (i.e., ABDs) as well as our completed dissertations.

Working Dissertation Titles for Current Doctoral Candidates (ABDs)

Saaka Sulemana Saaka

Gendering Cabinets in Africa: The Impact of Democratization and Post-conflict Politics (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Franceschet).

Comfort Kwarteng

"Explaining the success in reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV: A comparative analysis of Ghana and Uganda".  Supervisor: Susan Franceschet

Dakoda Trithara

"The Struggle over Online Speech: Policy Entrepreneurs' Contestation of Content Moderation Norms". Supervisor: Antonio Franceschet

Sara Winger

“The Logic of Violence Meets the Illogic of Response? Understanding the Linkages Between Forms of Violence and Logics of Response”. Supervisor: Maureen Hiebert


Completed Doctoral Dissertations, 2003–Present (By Convocation Date)


Benjamin Adu Gyamfi

“Public Policy Making and Policy Change: Ghana’s Local Governance, Education and Health Policies in Perspective”

Supervisors: Dr. Don Ray and Co-Supervisor Dr. Maureen Hiebert


Ryan Dean

“(De)Securitizing the Arctic? Functional actors and the shaping of Canadian Arctic security policy”

Supervisor: Dr. Rob Huebert


Ricardo Vernet

"Peasants, Movements, and Survival of Democracy in Haiti and Nicaragua"

Supervisor, Dr. Pablo Policzer


Julie Croskill

“’Be Professional, Private and Pleasant’: The Conscious and Unconscious Gendering of Campaign Messages in Canadian and Australian Local Elections”.

Supervisors: Dr. Brenda O’Neill and Dr. Susan Franceschet


Elizabeth Pando Burciaga

"Continuity or change? Immigration policy in Chile." Supervisor: Susan Franceschet

2019-20 Best Political Science Doctoral Dissertation Prize

Evgeniia Sidorova

“Incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Western science in the Arctic Council: Lip service?”


Andrew Basso

" 'All Four Seasons and I Will Die': A Typology of Displacement Atrocities." Supervisor: Dr. Maureen Hiebert


Mark Harding

“Clashing Constitutionalisms in the Bill-of-Rights Era: Strength, Reach and Rights Values”. Supervisor: Dr. Rainer Knopff; Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ted Morton


David Torre

“The Energy Frontier: Exploring the Future of Commercial Nuclear Power in Canada, Finland, and Germany”. Supervisor: Dr. James Keeley


Mariana Hipolito Ramos Mota

“From Delegation to Limits on Presidential Power: Brazil in Comparative Perspective”. Supervisor: Dr. Pablo Policzer



Tim Anderson,

“The Statesmanship of Sir John A. Macdonald and Louis Riel”. Supervisor: Dr. Tom Flanagan; Co-Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Sayers


Janine Giles

“The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge in Canada”.
Supervisor: Dr. Brenda O’Neill


Adam Cote

“Social Securitization Theory”. Supervisor: Dr. James Keeley



Katrine Beauregard

“Gender Gaps in Political Participation in a Cross-National Perspective: The Gendered Effects of Political Institutions”.
Supervisor: Dr. Brenda O’Neill

Dave Snow

“Failure to Reproduce: Assisted Reproductive Technology Policy in Canada”. Supervisor: Dr. Rainer Knopff


Paul Fairie

“Elite Strategy, Social Structure and Catholic-Protestant Cleavage in the Canadian Provinces”. Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Young



Michael Zekulin

“A Growing Disconnect: Can the Contemporary Terrorism Literature Explain Domestic Home-Grown Terrorism?”. Supervisor: Dr. Gavin Cameron


Daniel Fitzsimmons

“Tipping the Scales of Conflict:  Defence Policy Decision-Making in the Canadian Federal Cabinet”. Supervisor:  Dr. James Keeley


Alex McDougall

“The Politics of Protection and Extraction:  An Examination of the Origin and Development of State Power in Latin America”. Supervisor: Dr. Steve Randall



Heather Exner

“The Arctic in International Affairs:  Security in the Circumpolar Region”. Supervisor: Dr. Rob Huebert


Gamal Selim

“Egypt’s Democratic Transition and the Rise of Semi-Authoritarianism: The Interplay Between Structural and Agential Factors. Supervisor: Dr. Tareq Ismael



Andrew Banfield

“Legislative vs. Judicial Checks and Balances: Rights Policy in Canada and Australia”. Supervisor:  Dr. Rainer Knopff


Scott Fitzsimmons

“The Art of  Private Warfare:  A Normative Theory of the Military Performance of Modern Mercenary Forces”. Supervisor: Dr. Rob Huebert

David Coletto

“A Matter of Quality? Candidates in Canadian Constituency Elections”. Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Young


Marco Navarro-Genie

“Longing for the Fifth Race: Esoteric Racialist Revolutionaries in Hispanic America, 1910–35”. Supervisor:  Dr. Tom Flanagan



Jared Wesley

"Solving the Prairie Paradox: Codes and Party Politics in Alberta, SK. And MB”. Supervisor: Dr. Keith Archer


Mark Milke

“Limits on Deliberate Democracy in Canada:  A Study of Political Culture and How Attitudes Towards the United States Shape Canadian Public Policy Debates”. Supervisor: Dr. Tom Flanagan


Kai Xu

“NGOs and Environmental Politics in China”. Supervisor: Dr. Ron Keith



Dennis Baker

“Not Quite Supreme:  the Courts and Coordinate Constitutional Interpretation”. Supervisor: Dr. Rainer Knopff



Morgan Nyendu

“Enhancing the Participation of Traditional Authorities (Chiefs) in Ghana’s Democratic Decentralization Programme: A Case Study of the South Tongu District Assembly of the Volta Region”. Supervisor: Dr. Donald Ray



Tracey Raney

“The Rise of the ‘Civic’ Citizen: A Comparative Study of Political Identity in the EU and Canada”. Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Young



Kari Roberts

“Russia-U.S. Relations Under Yeltsin, 1992–1999”. Supervisor: Dr. Bohdan Harasymiw



Edward James Maher

“Regional Health Authorities and Federalism: Australia and Canada”. Supervisor: Dr. Roger Gibbons