Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses

Department of the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures

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Courses with no pre-requisites

The beginners’ language courses and Linguistics 201 serve as entry points into the programs administered by our School.

We also offer a number of no-prerequisite courses of broad interest taught in the official languages.

Muslim Civilization I

ALMC 317

Muslim Civilization II

ALMC 319

Cinema of Muslim Societies

ALMC 358

Literature of Muslim Societies

ALMC 360

Topics in Chinese Civilizations

CHIN 317

Chinese Literature in Translation

CHIN 355

Topics in Chinese Film

CHIN 357

An Introduction to Cultural Traditions

CEST 313

Understanding Contemporary East Asia

EAST 201

Francophonie: Langue et Culture I

FREN 291

Made in Germany

GERM 200

Topics in German Culture

GERM 317

Topics in Film

GERM 357

German Texts in Translation

GERM 359

Italian Culture and Literature

ITAL 317

Topics in Italian Masterpieces: Film and Literature

ITAL 399

Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture

JPNS 201

Topics in Japanese Civilization

JPNS 317

Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime

JPNS 323

Japanese Video Games and Gaming Culture

JPNS 325

Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

JPNS 327

Introduction to Second Language Learning

LANG 200

Modern English Grammar

LING 221

Language and Advertising

LING 223

Varieties of English

LING 225

Rap Linguistics

LING 227

Language and Power

LING 309

Topics in Romance Culture

ROST 299

Italian Literature of the Renaissance

ROST 341

Topics in Romance Languages

ROST 399

Topics in Russian Civilization and Thought

RUSS 317

Russian Literature in Translation

RUSS 355

Perspectives on Eastern Europe

SLAV 356


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