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Meet our Music Instructors and Ensemble Directors

Music Lesson Instructors

Meet our faculty and sessional instructors. Our inspiring and experienced instructors teach a full spectrum of musical traditions. If you are interested in a BMus but your instrument, style or tradition is not listed here, please get in touch with us.

Ensemble Directors

Almost 250 University of Calgary students participate in our ensembles – you can join one too! Music ensembles are open to the whole campus and auditions are primarily to identify your style, strengths and where you would fit best in the ensemble. The auditions take place during Block Week in September. Explore our ensembles >> 

2023-24 Ensemble Directors

Chamber Choir (MUPF 201/301) - Kathryn Parrotta
University Chorus (MUPF 205/305) - Kathryn Parrotta
Symphonic Band (MUPF 211/311) - Gareth Jones
Wind Ensemble (MUPF 213/313) - Gareth Jones
University Orchestra (MUPF 215/315) - Edmond Agopian
Instrumental Jazz Ensemble (MUPF 225/325) - TBD
World Music Ensemble (MUPF 229/329) - Bernice Cheung
Collegium Musicum (MUPF 221/321) - Julie Harris