Giuseppe Iaria

Dr. Giuseppe Iaria


Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

Full Member

Canadian Space Health Research Network

Full Member

Italian Neuropsychology Society


Educational Background

Teaching Faculty Certificate University of British Columbia, 2008

Training in Communication and Media University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coast Health Research Institute, 2007

Doctor of Philosophy Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Rome, 2003

M.A. Neuropsychology, University of Rome, 1999

B.A. Psychology, University of Rome, 1997


Areas of Research

Brain and Cognition
Space Health

Dr. Iaria makes use of neuroimaging, behavioral, and neuropsychological approaches to investigate different domains of research in cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Iaria's main interest is the investigation of cognitive and neurological mechanisms underlying the human ability to orient and navigate in the environment; the research is performed in heathy individuals, as well as in patients with a variety of clinical conditions, and in Astronauts. For more details on Dr. Iaria's research interests please visit

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
NEUR 521 LEC 01 01 (PSYC 521) Cgnt'v Clnc'l NEUR 2021
PSYC 521 LEC 01 01 (NEUR 521) Cog & Clin NEUR 2020
PSYC 623 LEC 01 01 Functional Neuroanatomy 2020
PSYC 70216 LAB 04 B04 Res Brain & Cognitive Sciences 2020
PSYC 71234 LAB 01 B01 Res Brain & Cognitive Sciences 2020
PSYC 71235 LAB 02 B02 Res Brain & Cognitive Sciences 2021


  • Faculty Citizenship Award, 2020
  • Gran Premio Manente, 2019
  • Nominated for The Royal Society of Canada, The College of Scholar , 2018
  • Faculty of Arts Research Award, 2017
  • Nominated for The Royal Society of Canada, The College of Scholar , 2017
  • Nominated for Killam Undergraduate Mentorship Award, 2016
  • Nominated for Killam Undergraduate Mentorship Award, 2015
  • Nominated for "2013 CSBBCS Early Career Award", 2013
  • Nominated for "2013 Killam Emerging Research Leader Award", 2013
  • Nominated for "2012 Faculty Research Award", 2012
  • Undergraduate Research Supervision Award, 2011
  • University Research Grant Committee Travel Award - University of Calgary, 2011
  • Trainee Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, 2008
  • Trainee Award, Alzheimer Society of Canada, 2007
  • Brain Star Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2004
  • Ennio De Renzi Award - Italian Society of Neuropsychology, 2003

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