Language Research Centre

Conducting research

Want to conduct your research project under the umbrella of the LRC? You'll have access to:

  • The use of observational "smart" classrooms
  • The use of the computer/multimedia lab

  • The use of technological and specialized equipment

  • Training and technical support for researchers and graduate students

  • Facilitation of interdisciplinary and / or international research collaborations

  • Office space (visiting researchers)

Research-related activities

Our research-related activities include:

  • Speaker series that presents current research in the fields of second language acquisition, linguistics, and literary and cultural studies.¬†
  • A psycholinguistics lab group that discusses current research into language acquisition

  • Contract work for government agencies and school jurisdictions

  • Professional development workshops

  • Sponsorship and organization of conferences and roundtable discussions related to language and language teaching

  • Promotion of second language education

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