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Why study economics?

Economics graduates are powerful intellects. Employers value their skills and capabilities. They are logical and abstract thinkers. They're effective communicators. They understand the operation of markets and the logic of optimal decision making.

In Canada, economics graduates usually find work as financial consultants, sales representatives, insurance brokers, financial managers, banking, credit, and investment managers, economists, researchers, consultants, financial analysts, and securities agents.

Where could an economics degree take you? We asked our graduating class of 2017 what they're up to—find out what they've told us.

What is economics?

Scarce resources. The flow of goods and services. Individual and collective behaviours and interactions. 

Economics is the study of how economic activity is organized when land, labour, capital—even things like clean air and water—are scarce.

We train our students to be able to see, understand, and analyze economic forces in action—in short, to think like economists.