Denise Chong at an event for the Calgary Public Library, 2018. Photo by Monique de St. Croix.

Book the Writer-in-Residence

You can book the Canadian Writer-in-Residence for your event! For readings, book clubs, talks, and more. Help us connect the writer-in-residence to your community.

Booking the Canadian Writer-in-Residence

Throughout the year, our Canadian Writer-in-Residence does events in Calgary and around Alberta. These events have included public talks and readings, speaking to book clubs and professional organizations, workshops, and much more.

If you are interested in booking the Canadian Writer-in-Residence for an event, please fill out the form below. We will respond to your inquiry within two weeks, if received between September 1 and June 30.

We are happy to spread the word about the event you book if it fulfills our mandate: free, and open to the public.

Please provide the name and position of the contact person for this event.
Please give the location of your event, including the street address.

When is the Writer-in-Residence expected to arrive, and how long do you expect them to be there?
Please provide any relevant information on your organization, including if you regularly have our Writer-in-Residence do this event.
If your organization has a website, please provide it here.
If we are able to help promote your event on social media, are there particular social media channels and/or strategies we should use? Eg. Should we tag a particular Twitter account, or use a particular hashtag? Please note that the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program is unable to promote all events featuring the Canadian Writer-in-Residence. However, we endeavour to help promote events that fit within our mandate, when we have the time and resources to do so.
Is this event open to the public?
Will attendees be charged admission?
Is your event venue accessible?
Is the venue for your event accessible to those with physical disabilities?
Please outline your expectations for the Writer-in-Residence at this event. Is this a reading? A talk? A Q&A? How long is the W-i-R expected to read/speak/answer questions? Is there a particular theme or work you would like the W-i-R to focus on?
If there is any other information we should have regarding this event, please provide it here.