Earn a UCalgary Psychology or Sociology Degree in Red Deer

Attend classes on the Red Deer College campus and get a UCalgary degree in Psychology or Sociology! Enjoy smaller class sizes and the ability to study where you live.


Psychology is the scientific study of brain and behaviour. Psychologists study the psychological, biological, and social bases of how we think, feel, and behave and they use this knowledge to solve problems in the real world.

As scientists, psychologists conduct research in many settings including universities, hospitals, government, schools and corporations. As practitioners, psychologists apply the knowledge gained from research to solve personal, social and practical problems.

  1. Psychology (BA)

    The BA in Psychology emphasizes the social and cultural bases of human behaviour. This degree is ideal if you have strengths and interests in the social sciences.

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  2. Psychology (BSc)

    The BSc in Psychology emphasizes the biological bases of behaviour and basic psychological mechanisms. This degree is a great fit for those who are drawn to the natural sciences.

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The exploration of social life at every level, from face-to-face interactions to global social processes, increases our understanding of our own society as well as other societies around the globe. Sociological research challenges assumptions about the social world, seeks to understand social phenomena from multiple perspectives, and helps to develop awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity within our own society. Knowing how the past shapes current societies contributes to understanding how our present actions shape the future, giving us the ability to make better choices now for a brighter tomorrow.

  1. Sociology (BA)

    The BA in Sociology offers a wide range of opportunities to learn and think sociologically by using various theoretical approaches, research methods, and data-analysis techniques.

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  2. Sociology (BA Honours)

    The honours program offers students with above­-average academic performance a challenging learning experience that includes undertaking an individualized research project under the supervision of a faculty member in Sociology.

How to apply

Visit the UCalgary application page to get started. Make sure you select "Red Deer" as your location in the location drop down menu.

We encourage you to speak with an advisor in the Arts Collaborative Programs Office before you apply, or attend a “How to Apply” session at RDC.

Student Experience

In addition to student services and resources provided by Ucalgary, as a collaborative student you will have access to a wide range of services and supports at Red Deer College.

Faculty of Arts Collaborative Programs Office

  • General student advising
  • Program advising in person or by phone or email

Health and Wellness Resources

  • Free and confidential counselling appointments
  • Drop-in nursing services
  • Physician clinic
  • Mental health initiative program
  • Campus Connections training program

Career Services

  • Career counselling
  • Job search skills

Indigenous Student Services

  • Indigenous student funding information
  • Connections to RDC and community supports
  • Elder access for spiritual, traditional knowledge and language support

Student Funding and Awards

  • Student funding assistance
  • Emergency loan and bursary funding

RDC Students’ Association

  • Student food bank
  • Membership in student groups

Campus Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

  • Free access to sports equipment, gymnasiums, dance studio, racquetball and international squash court
  • Fitness Centre access with paid membership
  • Campus recreation programming including yoga, recreational sports, crafts and field trips

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