Dr. G. Kent Fellows at The School of Public Policy Offices in Downtown Calgary

Dr. G. Kent Fellows



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Graduate Program Director, Master of Public Policy

School of Public Policy

Research Program Director, Canadian Northern Corridor

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Dr. Fellows  (PhD) is an Assistant Professor (Economics) and Associate Program Director of the Canadian Northern Corridor research program at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary.  He is also a Fellow-in-Residence at the C.D. Howe Institute as an academic advisor and contributor to the Institute's Energy Policy program. Kent specializes in multiple areas of Microeconomics including Competition Policy, Regulatory Economics, Energy Economics and Regional/Transportation Economics. He has published multiple papers on those subjects in both academic and policy journals and his advice on related topics has been sought by provincial, federal and international governments, including: The Government of Alberta, through the Energy Diversification Advisory Committee (2017) and the Economic Corridors Task Force (2021); The European Union as an expert panel member in their global infrastructure benchmarking assessment (2020-2021) and The Senate of Canada for their report on Economic Trade Corridors (2016).


  • The economic impact of Alberta for the rest of Canada. Herb Emery and G Kent Fellows. in Jack M. Mintz, Tom Flanagan, and Ted Morton, (eds.) Moment of Truth: How to Think about Alberta’s Future. (2020)
  • Comparing Input-Output and Computable General Equilibrium Models in Developing Economic Impact Assessments. Forthcoming in Trevor Tombe and Jennifer Winter (eds.) Measuring the Contribution of Energy Infrastructure: A Practical Guide. (2021)

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